Gun Smith Arms is your Local Class 3 FFL online transferring dealer & can handle any sort of firearm transfer you may need. We also stock many firearms and NFA items in our inventory for immediate pickup.


GunSmithArms - Gun Smith Arms Your Local Class 3 FFL Dealer Located in Hastings MN 55033

  Welcome to Gun Smith Arms - Your Local Class 3 FFL Dealer. We are located in Hastings MN & have many New & Used firearms to choose from. If you want to order a gun online, but have no idea how to do this or to buy a gun online? Contact us & we can help you out & get you through this very easy process. We can do transfers/background checks on Form 4473 and also on Form 4's of any firearms that you may want. Gun Smith Arms is a licensed and Certified NRA Range Officer & Firearm Training Instructor and we can help you get your MN Carry Permit in as little as 4-5 hours total time! We set up MN pistol carry permit classes randomly through out the year or we can set up a class for your group of 5 or more people! Contact us to find out more info.

We do all regular & Class 3 transfers. We also sell & stock many different brands of Firearms, Silencers, SBR's & accessories. If you don't see it, email us & we can get a quote for you!

You can buy directly from us online & pickup from us with no FFL transfer fee. Or you can ship your order from any other FFL or from another online dealer & we only charge a $25 transfer/background fee to you! Gun Smith Arms charges a $75 Form 4 Transfer fee for all NFA Items.

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